Scripture: Matthew 8:24-26

There was a great storm and the disciples were scared because Jesus was calm and unbothered. They felt they were alone on the ship and were going to die. But when they woke Jesus from His sleep, He simply gave a word and the storm vanished.

At a point in my life, I had an encounter and in it, there were so many occurrences, it was more like an envisage of war. I saw myself running helter-skelter, then I saw myself in a foreign country with a language that I didn’t know of. I was conversing with a man who seemed to know all languages. So he spoke in my dialect, then I told him everything that happened. As we were going, we heard that those men were approaching the country we were, so we had to move away but my legs were painful, I told him and he carried me on his back and led me through till he brought me to a safe place.

This encounter simply brought me to a deep understanding. The reality dawned on me that no matter what I’m going through, God is with me and all I need to do is to have faith, belief and he would walk me through the storm.

I don’t know what you are going through right now that looks like you are alone but I want you to understand that you are never alone. He is right there with you walking you through that storm, I see him holding your hands. I know you feel tired, but do not give up yet. When it looks like it is the end, he says “Relax Sweetheart, this is just a bend and not the end. Just a word from me would end that storm”. Do not give up. Definitely, He is on the boat with you. You are never alone. Just trust Him and fix your gaze at Him

Prayer: Father, help me to believe in you, grant me the grace to hold on no matter what I’m going through. I know it is hard Lord, but even as I walk through the storm with you by my side, I would keep on believing that He who has kept me till this moment is just and able to see me through till the very end. Amen.