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With The Ignition Daily Devotional, you will come into daily life changing experience with the power of God’s word that is able to light your path.

Psalm 119:105.

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Ogunsola Abiodun

is a God-lover and Kingdom Ambassador. He is also an Author, Creative Thinker, Life Coach Minister, Entrepreneur, Actor, and Faith Speaker.

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    Scripture: Matthew 8:24-26 There was a great storm and the disciples were scared because Jesus was calm and unbothered. They felt they were alone on the ship and were going to die. But when they woke Jesus from His sleep, He simply gave a word and the storm vanished. At a point in my life, […]

  • revelation

    Revelation – The Church’s Hope For Survival

    Something very profound happened during the days Jesus walked the earth. He and his disciples had been through different times and seasons together and so it got to a specific point when Jesus wanted to have a kind of feedback or report from the disciples as per who they have perceived him to be over […]

  • too-busy-for-discipleship.jpg

    How To Keep A Fervent Spirit Even In The Busiest Times

    A lady came to me out of her sincere concern and asked a question; “Abiodun, how exactly are you doing it?” I was curious to know what she was talking about. Okay, what do you mean? I mean “How are you managing your spiritual life with all these things you are doing?” Oh, you mean […]

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    How To Trust God In Times Of Storms And Challenges? (Practical Guide)

    I was doing my survey some days ago and I decided to welcome questions from people on what they would love me to write about. Believe me, It was one of a kind. I received responses I have never received before. It was all silence. Yeah, silence. I could hear screams from people in their […]


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