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With The Ignition Daily Devotional, you will come into daily life changing experience with the power of God’s word that is able to light your path.

Psalm 119:105.

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Ogunsola Abiodun

is a God-lover and Kingdom Ambassador. He is also an Author, Creative Thinker, Life Coach Minister, Entrepreneur, Actor, and Faith Speaker.

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  • How Can You Redeem Lost Time?

    Man is a creature of eternity, he came from there, nevertheless, he is not a dweller of that realm. He is a citizen of time and everything that makes up his relevance is captured on the framework of time. And time is the only tool God gave mankind to express His purpose and agenda on […]

  • Discovering Your Place in Destiny (Part 4)

    The Drilling Begins Alright, you are welcome once more great friend. Thank you for checking up again. I celebrate you and I know that you are worthy to be honored and celebrated. Thank you for committing yourself to this course. Don’t forget, we are on the quest of discovering your place in destiny. So, let […]

  • Discovering Your Place in Destiny (Part 3)

    Friends, You are welcome on board once again. I celebrate your consistency and doggedness to learn. You are worthy of honor. God bless you. We are still on a wonderful journey, a life-changing series, and I believe that in the last two episodes you have learnt a lot. So far, we have been able to […]

  • Discovering Your Place in Destiny (Part 2)

    Episode 2 In the first post of this series, with the help of the spirit, I took you through a brief journey on the things that are necessary for a man to understand if he will not struggle to discover his place in life and destiny. In case you missed it, do find time to […]


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